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Emily's RantRANDOM HUG!! *glomp*
Corwin's RantAll Your Rants Are Belong To Us
OMG!! I actually got another page done!! YAY! Anywho, yeah so thanx people who pestered me to write more. Cause I did. As you can see. As I just said.
Oh, and thanx to Corwin for making a spiffy new, better looking logo for the comic.

I was walking down the street the other day, sure as rain, stepped into a puddle, someone recognized me. Floating down the street! Using their legs. *incoherent, something about a tea kettle* Tea kettles! What the hell? You put things in them and they whistle at you. *incoherent* stripper *incoherent* SO I TALKED TO THE BLOODY HAND! Bloody ferrari, thinks it knows what I'm talking about. They always do, the spoons, going to the pancake buffet with fresh socks on. Socks like the mountain rain. *incoherent* SPASM! Walked away from the fool before I got sneezed on. That stuff doesn't wash out with orange paint. Very little does. This is something you must remember.
Bob's RantI can take 2 friends! YAY!
The best part is we don't even have to make it up. We're really this strange in real life!
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