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Emily is currently a college student. She is the primary author of d20 - Roll Intelligence and the author of Jikoshia! She is the resident natural crack supplier of the d20 cast. Emily has been writing comics for four years now, Jikoshia! being her first.

Emily's enjoys drawing (if it wasn't obvious), computers, gaming, Japan, gummis, purple, and Pepsi. Don't even try to offer her Coke, she'll unleash a wrath of spork enduced smoting upon you if you do. Her favorite band is the Japanese rock group Janne Da Arc with her favorite song being Claw Mark of Maria. Her favorite author is Terry Pratchett. Her favorite food is tied between cheese and gummi worms. Emily speaks English, some Spanish, and crack-speak. Her favorite online comic is Sluggy Freelance and she highly recommends it to anyone who likes homicidal rabbits and easily-distracted ferrets.

Feel free to contact Emily by emailing her or instant messanging her via AIM at niftykeen01.

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