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Mariel's Stats

Mariel is often described as one of the luckiest characters in her parties. It's very rare to see her botch casting a spell or miss an ability roll.

This character did not originally belong to Emily. It was first played by Sarah. One of her friends had written on the original character sheet "No one will want to play this character." From that point on she was used to teach people how to play 2nd edition D&D. One day, Emily joined in on a campaign and was given Mariel to learn from. She loved playing this character and thus made it her own.

Since then, Mariel has gained 4 levels, crafted a number of her own spells, become a stoner, moved out of Chaos Realm, and started a family.

She originally began questing as a paladin, but soon after lost that status as she killed a living rug who ate her armor. For a time, she was simply a fighter, denying the existence of magic. No one really understands how she came to be a mage.

She also is no longer considered human. No one is quite sure of her race, however there is evidence pointing to her descendents being one of the early, powerful mage tribes of Chaos Realm.

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